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Equal Pay for Veterans

Here is Idea #8 in our campaign to give voters actual solutions to our current challenges and to provide 20 steps to a Total Democracy Makeover

Marisa’s opponents are in the kowtowing business — kowtowing to party establishment, big money, PACs, and K Street. Marisa is in the solutions business. Specifically, she is in the solutions business for Main Street’s small business — your business.

Our service members and veterans are central to our safety and security.

Yet the U.S. government is not honoring its commitments to our veterans. Denial or delay of benefits are chronic and unacceptable. Also, we must pay our service members the same benefits that we pay private contractors.  But the end goal should be to phase out mercenaries and to return to a military composed of actual service members.

When American taxpayer dollars go to enrich overpaid contractors like Blackwater (aka Xe), while our service members are paid so much less that they are forced to barely scrape by, the system is not only broken, but also dishonorable and reprehensible.

Instead of enriching a few military-industrial complex contractors, let’s use those funds to pay our military service members better, thereby investing our taxpayer dollars in the people, the regular citizens, who serve in our military.

DeFranco Delivers Idea #8:  Stop Enriching Private Contractors. 
Provide Fair Pay & Fair Benefits for Active Military Service Members and Veterans

Marisa said: “Any person in the real world can see that this enrichment of private contractors at the expense of both our taxpayers and our veterans makes us weaker, not stronger. A strong defense is key to America’s strength, and our strength depends on the people who serve inour military. Enriching private monopolistic “security” forces to serve in place of a citizen-based military is illogical, a set up for disaster, bad for the American people and bad for the economy.”

Marisa’s solution is not only fair, but it will have a tremendously positive impact on jobs and our economy by weeding out the monopolies that siphon funds out of our military and by putting those same funds into the hands of service members and veterans who have earned them.

Solution #8: Equal Pay for Military & Veterans = Fuel Job Growth & Grow Main Street

DeFranco, an immigration attorney for the past 17 years, was named Top Woman of Law by the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, and received national recognition by being awarded the National Legal Aid and Defender Association’s Beacon of Justice Award for her pro bono service. She has been a leader in the National Organization for Women, serving as the Vice President of Legislative Policy for Massachusetts NOW. She also served on the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women. Marisa has shown time and time again that she is a strong spokesperson and advocate for equal pay for women, for ending violence against women, for civil rights, and disability rights.



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