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Does Massachusetts really care about kids?

The Child Welfare League of America recommended changes to the “CORI” rules for foster parents after the death of Jeremiah Oliver. In their final report of May 22, 2014, they disqualify foster/adoptive parents for certain crimes, most of which you’d expect (see excerpt below). But they don’t disqualify all felonies, and that is a huge … Continue reading

Equal Pay for Veterans

Here is Idea #8 in our campaign to give voters actual solutions to our current challenges and to provide 20 steps to a Total Democracy Makeover Marisa’s opponents are in the kowtowing business — kowtowing to party establishment, big money, PACs, and K Street. Marisa is in the solutions business. Specifically, she is in the solutions business … Continue reading

Total Insanity: Defending Compromise on Criminal Convictions/ Not Right on Criminal Convictions

As I have said before, Americans must beware of bipartisanship when it is the Democrats and Republicans colluding to give away the store and our tax dollars to their corporate cronies. Furthermore, Americans should be especially wary of both parties passing a bill that allows an immigrant to legalize despite the fact that they have … Continue reading