DeFranco Delivers Idea #20:  The Real People’s Pledge. The People win, Democracy wins, America wins.

I have taken the clean money pledge.  I now ask the voters to take and keep The Real People’s Pledge not to give their vote to any candidate who continues this money arms race that is killing our democracy.

DeFranco Delivers Idea #19:  The Public Option. 

The Public Option is not a tax.  The Public Option is not a mandate.  It is a choice.  It gives people the option to buy into Medicare or stay in the private sector. It makes the two compete against each other, and competition lowers prices.

How can the Democrats argue against choice? We are the party that is supposed to support people’s freedom of choice.

How can the GOP argue against competition? They are the party who says the private sector is better than the government. Let the private insurance companies prove it.

DeFranco Delivers Idea #18: Make the Department of Justice Do Its Job.  Break Up Health Insurance Monopolies =      Good For America.

Any person in the real world can see that the Congress Corporate Welfare Program for Big Insurance is illogical, a set up for disaster, bad for the American people and bad for the economy. Why hasn’t my opponent done something about it?

DeFranco Delivers Idea #17: It’s a Peach–Cut Agribusiness Subsidies

DeFranco Delivers Idea #16A: Equal Pay for Equal Work 

DeFranco Delivers Idea #16: Break down those Barriers – Enact True Pay Equity

DeFranco Delivers Idea #15: Delivering on America’s promise to those who serve America

DeFranco Delivers Idea #14: Stop the War on Immigrant Women

DeFranco Delivers Idea #11, 12, 13: Earned Legalization

DeFranco Delivers Idea #10: Port and Border Security

DeFranco Delivers Idea #9: Immigration Reform is Crucial

DeFranco Delivers Idea #8:  Equal Pay for Veterans

DeFranco Delivers Idea #7: Education, Not Exploitation

DeFranco Delivers Idea #6: Reinstate Mortgage Rules

DeFranco Delivers : Re-Cap of Solutions One Through Five

DeFranco Delivers Idea #5: Mortgage Rules Must Be Reinstated

DeFranco Delivers Idea #4: Time for some perp walks! 

DeFranco Delivers Idea #3: End Welfare for Big Banks

DeFranco Delivers Idea #2: Cut all corporate subsidies 

DeFranco Delivers Idea #1: Tax breaks for Small Businesses


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