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Dear Tavis Smiley: Do Your Homework

© 2016 Marisa DeFranco  Democrats: Bullies in Our Own Backyard Dear Tavis Smiley: please do your homework. If you do, you will discover the bullies right in the Democrats’ own backyard. In fact, you were sitting right next to their ringleader, Michael Dukakis, on taxpayer-funded PBS on March 21st. On Trump, you said to Megyn … Continue reading

NEWS UPDATE: The Lowell Sun publishes my columns on Immigration

President’s actions an affront to this country’s rule of law The Lowell Sun Updated:   11/22/2014 06:34:58 AM EST 5 Comments By Marisa DeFranco In the aftermath of an election rout, Democrats and immigration-amnesty activists are clamoring for President Barack Obama to take executive action and grant work permits or extend even more benefits to … Continue reading


This morning I put out a press release on my opponent the incumbent’s lack of a serious solution on our fishing crisis here.  None of my opponents have come up with any concrete plan to truly change the current downward spiral the fishermen and fishing community face in Gloucester and the North Shore.  I do have … Continue reading