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Here are just a few of my ideas for solving immigration abuse once and for all. Ban countries with a murder rate higher than the U.S. Ban countries that stone women, define rape victims as perpetrators unless they produce witnesses to the rape, marry off girls under the age of 18 to scabby, lecherous perverts … Continue reading

Elizabeth Warren: America Annihilator

Let me see if I can make this as clear as possible, Liz.  It is a “real problem” when you are dead in a cornfield with your head bashed in by an illegal alien total piece of garbage.  To the likes of Stephen King, just because we have homegrown garbage in America, it does not … Continue reading

Dear Tavis Smiley: Do Your Homework

© 2016 Marisa DeFranco  Democrats: Bullies in Our Own Backyard Dear Tavis Smiley: please do your homework. If you do, you will discover the bullies right in the Democrats’ own backyard. In fact, you were sitting right next to their ringleader, Michael Dukakis, on taxpayer-funded PBS on March 21st. On Trump, you said to Megyn … Continue reading