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Delivering on America’s Promise to Those Who Serve America

The DeFranco Plan to provide 20 steps to a Total Makeover of Our Democracy continues

Delivering on America’s Promise to Those Who Serve America 


Our service members and veterans are central to our safety and security. The VA scandal highlights the deprivation of healthcare to many veterans, and in some instances, leads to death. For these reasons, what the scandal is bringing to light is unacceptable. We cannot continue with politics as usual, when care for veterans is delayed or denied outright. As the daughter of a Vietnam veteran, Marisa will not stand by while Congress does nothing. 

The American people should make at least two demands. One, give veterans the same healthcare that elected members of Congress get. Why does Congress get the gold standard while Veterans are forced to beg? Two, Congress must take all the money it overpays to mercenary contractors like Blackwater and Halliburton, and it must stop privatizing our American military. Congress must grant to Veterans the benefits they have earned, the benefits they deserve.

Marisa’s solution #15 is not only fair and just but is also required if our government wants to live up to its obligations to our veterans. Deliver on America’s promise to those who serve America – give them the Gold Standard of Healthcare.






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