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This morning I put out a press release on my opponent the incumbent’s lack of a serious solution on our fishing crisis here.  None of my opponents have come up with any concrete plan to truly change the current downward spiral the fishermen and fishing community face in Gloucester and the North Shore.  I do have a plan, a good plan, and one that would actually work.  See below.

It would, of course, require elected officials to have the courage and honesty to face down the corporations and wealthy elites who own them and own our economy and own our elections.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  The people can decide to send someone to Washington who hasn’t taken a penny from the special interests.  I am respectfully asking the voters to vote for me in the Democratic primary on September 9th and send someone to Congress who has actual solutions that will turn around the fishing industry, small business, and Main Street.




Friday, August 29, 2014 

Contact: Maura Flynn, 978-302-1004


Marisa DeFranco Wants to Revitalize the Fishing Industry

MIDDLETON — The Massachusetts Fishing Industry at Gloucester and elsewhere stands as a perfect example of how Congress favors global conglomerates over small businesses and individual Americans.

The competition is not fair. Marisa knows that. Fishermen know that.

“Our fishing industry is on the rocks and Washington is asleep at the helm,” Marisa said. “And John Tierney, who is supposed to represent Gloucester, and Newburyport, and Ipswich is chiefly to blame here at home.”

Congressman John Tierney, in two decades in the House of Representatives, has never sat on the House Committee on Natural Resources, the committee that could directly help the fishermen of Massachusetts. Nobody is looking out for the Massachusetts fishing community in Congress.

In many ways, the fishing industry and especially the boat owners are the ultimate small business owners. We need to support these hardworking people, not drive them out of business with failed policies and a government that is far too often the foe rather than a friend.

That’s why Marisa DeFranco, candidate for Congress, supports Emergency Relief for the Fishing Industry.

The DeFranco Plan would offer low interest loans and direct grants for vessel safety improvements (many required by the government) and new vessel construction, a coordinated effort to better position local fishermen to sell locally caught seafood. She would push for more local fishermen-friendly membership on the New England Fisheries Management Council and for incentives for local fish processors to remain and grow in the Massachusetts 6th District.

But most importantly, Marisa DeFranco would push Congress to abandon the corporate catch share system. 

“The right to fish should not be traded like stocks or bonds,” Marisa said. “Let’s be clear: it is not the everyday fishermen who decimated the fish stocks of our waters: it is the foreign and multinational trawlers destroying literally everything in its wake.”

The Marisa DeFranco long-term plan for healthy fishing communities would allow fishermen to fish at the capacity of their average income of their five best years of the last 15 years. The larger corporations would then be allowed to fish the rest of the remaining capacity, after local fishermen are taken care of.

Are you ready to send someone to Washington who will actually fight for you instead of travelling the world lavishly on the dimes of special interest and lobbying groups?  Vote for Marisa DeFranco on September 9th.

About Marisa DeFranco:
An immigration attorney for the past 17 years, Marisa DeFranco was named Top Woman of Law by the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly and received national recognition by being awarded the National Legal Aid and Defender Association’s Beacon of Justice Award for her pro bono service. She has been a leader in the National Organization for Women, serving as the Vice President of Legislative Policy for Massachusetts NOW. She also served on the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women. Marisa has shown time and time again that she is a strong spokesperson and advocate for equal pay for women, for ending violence against women, for civil rights and disability rights.




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