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Veteran’s Three-Point Plan

Previously, I wrote about the Gold Standard for Veterans. Below is a 3-point plan to get us there and make sure that our Veterans receive the benefits they have earned.

  1. Reduce the wait time for disability claims by shortening the time the VA gives itself from 125 days to 95 days. My extensive experience with federal agencies has taught me many things, and one crystal clear lesson is that if you give a government agency a long leash, they will use every inch of it. I believe that tightening the timeline will spark efficiency in the VA and get benefits to veterans more quickly.

  2. Discontinue the practice of paying private contractors more than we pay actual servicemen and women. If the U.S. government has the money to pay privateers, then we have the money to improve the pay to actual military members and invest funds into rebuilding a top notch VA system.

  3. Clean house in the VA. As many know, my father is a Vietnam veteran and a retired physician, and I find the VA scandal in Phoenix repugnant and unacceptable. The care we give to Veterans should be the gold standard by which all other health delivery systems are measured. As a member of Congress, I would demand a full investigation and not only the firing of anyone found to have committed fraud or medical malpractice but also criminal and board prosecution if warranted.


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