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Solution to Border Crisis

Recently, a voter asked me what my answer is to this problem at the border that has no solution. I said, as I have been saying, that there is always a solution. What is frequently missing is the political will and leadership to make tough decisions that might be unpopular. Here is the immediate solution: immediately double the number of immigration judges from 235 to 470. Process all unaccompanied minors who by law must have a hearing, and keep the timeline at 6 months from inception to adjudication. Most of these children will not qualify for relief in the form of asylum or other relief and will have to return home. When parents and everyone in the towns in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and any other country see busloads of returning children, they will know that giving $5000+ to coyotes and human traffickers does not work.

With this solution, we call the bluff of the traffickers who are preying on these families’ desperation and purposefully creating chaos on the border. Traffickers have us exactly where they want us because while our CBP deals with the humanitarian crisis, the criminal traffickers and cartels push drugs, arms and possibly terrorists through our border. For the future, we must stop the crossings before they occur, and we need to stop immigration reform by executive fiat. We need common sense, and my Real Immigration Plan provides exactly that. My plan will pretty much make both sides of this debate and all the special interests unhappy, but my goals are safety and security for America and immigrants, and if people seriously want serious ideas and serious reform, they will take a look at my plan.


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