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Globe, Pelosi overlook one strong woman candidate in Mass.

RE MEGHAN E. Irons’ article about Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Boston (“Getting on equal footing,” Metro, June 3):

After reading the article I was left very disappointed by the fact that Marisa DeFranco, the Democratic congressional candidate for Massachusetts’ Sixth District, was not mentioned in the article. It was particularly disappointing to me that the article only mentioned the male Democratic candidates because the topic that the article covered was women’s economic and political progress.

I find it unsettling that an article about an event promoting women’s success has neglected to mention a woman candidate who has the support of many voters in the Sixth District. DeFranco is a strong candidate and deserves the same recognition as her male opponents.

Eralba Germenji




One thought on “Globe, Pelosi overlook one strong woman candidate in Mass.

  1. Reblogged this on LAWSON >> MULVIHILL and commented:
    What a missed opportunity by the Democratic party. Nancy Pelosi comes to town and ignores the only woman candidate in the race. She then adds insult to injury by endorsing a rich white guy with a criminal past. Shaking My Head.


    Posted by margaret mulvihill | June 9, 2014, 11:43 am

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