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Port And Border Security

Here is Idea #10 in our campaign to give voters actual solutions to our current challenges and to provide 20 steps to a Total Democracy Makeover


Marisa’s opponents are in the kowtowing business — kowtowing to party establishment, big money, PAC’s, and K Street. Marisa is in the solutions business. Specifically, she is in the solutions business for Main Street’s small business — your business.

Port and Border Security

Right now, Marisa is very concerned that our borders and ports are vulnerable — the vast majority of cargo containers enter our country through ship or truck, and yet the inspection rates for both are woefully low. For containers entering by ship, the most common method, inspection rates have actually gone down to 4% (nine years ago the rate was already an unacceptable low of 5%). Someone is asleep on the job.

For undocumented immigration, it is imperative that we stop it at the borders. Prevention of illegal immigration is far easier to handle than stop-gap reactive measures. Congress could easily rectify this insecure system by implementing Marisa’s Idea #10:  

  • Increase the inspection rate from 4% to 10% in the next 12 months; to 50% in four years. This will increase jobs that will be good for the economy and our security. Win-win.
  • Increase Customs & Border Protection (CBP) agents at all borders and all airports.
  • Increase the number of Immigration Judges — double the current number of 235.
  • Implement an expedited Deportation Hearing process for immigrants with felony convictions; reduce the delay until trial time from two years to six months.
  • With the DeFranco Delivers plan, we increase our security and safety at the borders and we make sure that criminals with felony convictions are not allowed to remain in the U.S. for extended periods of time because of logjams in the court system.

Marisa said: “Any person in the real world can see that Congress could secure our safety if it had the courage to take on the corporate monopolies who will howl at the dollar cost of increased inspections. Allowing porous borders so that monopolies can import goods at will risks the safety of every American is illogical, a set up for disaster, bad for the American people and bad for the economy.”

Marisa’s solution is not only fair, but it will have a tremendously positive impact on jobs and our economy by making safety a priority. Proper border security will also help immigrants who are exploited by coyotes, snakeheads, and other vile criminal networks.

Solution #10:  Serious Port and Border Security = Safety & Stability = Fuel Job Growth & Grow Main Street



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