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Immigration reform is crucial for our economy and our security

DeFranco is the only candidate willing to tell the whole truth on immigration.  She is the candidate  who has concrete and real ideas for true reform and the expertise to back it up.  Her reform is not the big money, big corporate giveaway that is the “gang of eight” bill.  It encompasses what is good for our safety while keeping alive the promise of immigration that is the very heritage of our country.

Marisa DeFranco’s grandparents and great grandparents came from Sicily and Italy with very few resources yet they successsfully pursued, and realized,  their American Dreams. Their children, her parents, became a doctor and a nurse and built their medical practice from nothing and raised six children, all of whom became  successful in their fields. Her husband Kai’s family fled Communist China and built their laundry business from few resources, and yet sent all seven of their children to college.  Both Marisa and Kai are grateful every single day that their families immigrated to America. She loves that in immigration, in her job, she gets to help people achieve their American Dream every single day.

Yet, the U.S. government is not honoring our rich history as a nation of immigrants and is not ensuring the security of borders and the sovereignty of our laws.  We must do all three if we are to truly fix and reform our immigration system. Both parties want votes and cheap labor and they are willing to sell us out to the highest bidder, once again making a farce of  immigration reform.  Here is what real reform would look like:

  1. Implement Serious Fines on Employers Violating the Law
  2. Increase Border and Port Security
  3. Path to Legalization, Not Citizenship
  4. Repeal the 3 and 10 Year Bars to Re-Entry. Replace it with a 2-4 Year Bar
  5. Create Essential Worker Visa similar to current seasonal worker visa.

These next 5 emails will lay out the Marisa DeFranco plan for real immigration reform.

The plan starts with Idea #9,  Implement Serious Fines on Employers Violating the Law.  Right now, big corporations violate our immigration and labor laws and exploit immigrant labor with impunity, while small businesses obey the rules to the letter of the law not only because it is the right thing to do, but also because they cannot afford even the smallest infraction.

This set-up gives big corporations yet another huge advantage over small businesses, making it harder for small business to compete.  The government rarely fines these violators and exploiters, but even when they do, the fines are miniscule and are at most just a cost of doing business for the behemoth monopolies.

Congress could easily rectify this unfair and exploitative system by implementing Marisa’s Idea #9.  Specifically, first, for each undocumented worker, a corporation will pay a penalty equal to 5% to 10% of their Gross Revenue.

Second, for any employer where a pattern of abuse of immigrant workers is found, criminal prosecution must take place, possibly resulting in forfeiture of all their assets.

DeFranco Delivers Idea #9:  Serious Fines for Employers Exploiting Immigrants

Marisa said: “Any person in the real world should see that Congress could stop this exploitation in its tracks if it had the courage to take on the corporate monopolies.  Allowing these monopolies to exploit immigrant labor hurts immigrants, small business, and our economy.   It is  illogical, a set up for disaster, bad for the American people and bad for the economy. Why hasn’t my opponent  John Tierney done something about it? He’s had 17 years since being sworn in. How long does it take? Come ON!!”

Marisa’a Idea #9 is a solution that is not only fair and just but will also have a tremendously positive impact on jobs and our economy by stopping the monopolies stranglehold on immigrants and making them obey the law just as small businesses do.

Solution #9:

Serious Fines for Employers Exploiting Immigrants,

Fuel Job Growth & Grow Main Street





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