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DeFranco Delivers : Re-Cap of Solutions One Through Five

Here’s an idea. What if a campaign gave voters actual solutions to our current challenges? What if a campaign not only had total transparency but also gave voters the details of those solutions? What if a campaign completely freed itself from Wall Street, K Street PACs and big money, and answered only to voters and directly to voters?

Well, you don’t have to wonder “What if?” We are that campaign, Marisa DeFranco is our candidate, we are here and we are fighting for a real democracy that cannot be bought and sold or auctioned off to the highest bidder.

DeFranco Delivers Idea #1:            

Tax breaks for Small Businesses

DeFranco Delivers Idea #2:            

Equal Opportunity for Small Businesses. Cut all corporate subsidies

DeFranco Delivers Idea #3:            

Provide Access to Capital for Small Businesses by Ending Welfare for Big Banks

DeFranco Delivers Idea #4:             

Dear DOJ–Enforce Our Current Laws. Time for some perp walks!

DeFranco Delivers Idea #5:             

Tried & True Mortgage Rules Must Be Reinstated

Marisa said: “My ideas are solutions that is not only fair but will also have a tremendously positive impact on jobs and our economy.”






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